The kitten that rescued us (Saigon)

I was walking around downtown Saigon and I saw a strange sight. It was a cardboard box moving by itself and it was making crying sounds. Upon closer inspection, I found it was a kitten that was dragging the box, trying hard to extract itself. I tried to pull the box away but the kitten cried in pain. There was a layer of glue covering the inside of the box that was stuck to it’s fur. A nearby fruit vendor spotted me. She ran to me and offered her knife. We tried to pry the fur but the glue was too strong. Another drinks vendor came to inspect our operation. She offered us a bottle of water to help clean away the glue. The water did the trick, we were able to get rid of the box. As soon as the kitten got free, it darted away. The drink vendor refused my offer to pay for the bottle. The fruit seller went back to cutting her fruits. I love this city, something interesting always happens. We did not rescue the kitten. The kitten rescued us from humdrum.