Special feelings in Chengdu

The buses in Chengdu are called "City Boats". I was on one of these City Boats with Loumin, both of us needing to take the same route home. My stop came before hers, and as I got ready to get off the bus, Loumin asked me to wait a bit. She moved closer and adjusted my scarf to make sure my neck was well covered. The bus was heated, but outside it was cold. I had only recently arrived from Thailand, so I was out of practice dressing for the winter. Back at the guesthouse, Ou was lying on the bed browsing something on my iBook. Without looking up, Ou asked me how my meeting with Loumin went. I replied, "She was happy to see me back in Chengdu. And she always has new cafes or bars to show me. She's such a lovely friend." Ou asked again, "Only a friend? No special feelings?" I responded, "There was this one moment..." I paused, unsure of how to describe it. Ou looked up, waiting for me to finish my sentence. I continued, "When I was getting off the bus, Loumin moved closer and carefully adjusted my scarf. I think I felt a sudden special feeling." Without any fuss, Ou got up from the bed, ruffled the scarf on my neck and uttered, "Cancel, cancel." She went back to the iBook. I stood there with a smile on my face and many special feelings in my heart.