Postage stamps (Saigon)

This one is thin and small, but it’s important. When you had something you wanted to tell someone, you would write it down on a piece of paper and paste this ‘stamp’ on it. Then they would deliver it for you, anywhere at all. But that was a long time ago … The Memory Police by Yoko Ago. For me, sending letters is just an excuse to send cute stamps. I will buy postcards and stamps at Saigon’s main post office. Then I will go to a cafe at book street next doors under the shadow of the Notre Dame Cathedral. This is a nice place to watch the people go by and write something for friends far away. I use the condensation on the ice cold drink glass to awaken the glue on the stamp. Many years back when I used to travel in Chinese trains, almost every third person was a stamp collector. The stamps may wonder why no one loves them anymore.