Mutton soup in the ancient captial (China)

My friends in China are often disappointed at me for not visiting the famous tourist spots - the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors in Xian. I tell them that I prefer normal cities - cities that have no tourists. I love interacting with the people in such cities. I saw a bargain air ticket to Xian (from Chengdu). To figure out what I was missing about tourist places, I bought the ticket and flew up there. I decided to give the Terracotta Warriors a miss. I ended up staying in the mostly Muslim old quarter for the mutton soup. Most people here are the Hui, the Han Chinese muslim people. I was happy chatting with the food sellers and occasional students from the nearby technology university who came for the cheap food and a chance to talk to foreigners. One Hui lady when she learnt that I am single, offered to introduce a relative to me. She thought I come from one of those rich middle eastern countries. The Hui people: