Man’s greatest enemy

Man's greatest enemy is his fellow man, because only men take pleasure in inflicting pain." Above quote is from one of my favourite books (Red Dust by Ma Jian). I always think of this when I take trains in Tokyo during the peak hours. A lot of the work in such modern cities is people working on their computers - what is the need for people to come to a fixed place at 9 AM every day. We could come to work later or earlier, or work from home a cafe. Most meetings too, could be online; they will be more efficient that way. I know not everyone can work from home and some occupations or some interactions requires one to be at a physical venue . But even if 20 to 30% of us could avoid peak hours or work from home or elsewhere, it would improve the commute for others who do not have the flexibility. We have also “stood on ceremony” for a long time. I could never fathom why people have to wear uncomfortable clothes for work and then run the air-conditioner to frigid levels. Links: Red Dust by Ma Jian: