Down by the Mekong delta (Can Tho, Vietnam)

Everything burns in the day down here in the delta, so it's best to spend that time sleeping. At night, when it's cooler, it’s nice to take a walk by the river. The breeze carries the sound of distant motorboats crossing the river, and sometimes you'll meet other people come to enjoy the breeze. Some might even stop for a small chat. As you reach the junction where the street food vendors set up their stalls, you'll find my favourite stopover. Most vendors sell only one dish. Just pause long enough in front of the cart, and the seller will start preparing your dish. If there's seating available, a small plastic chair will appear as if by magic. No matter how packed it is, they'll always make room for you. It's as if the universe was created, life happened, humans evolved and split into different cultures, just so that on night like this, you can overload our senses with sticky rice spicy chicken and the lovely faces illuminated by the glow of the food stall lights.