A return to the North (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

I was not planning on returning to the North of Thailand anytime soon. I think it was being in Vientiane late last year that made me miss Chiang Mai. Some feelings in Vientiane are so much like Chiang Mai - like when you are walking in the little alleys, suddenly you see a pretty cafe or hotel. And of course the weather. The Yesterday Hotel, the hotel has a bar outside that has large widows with overhanging plants. I spent a whole afternoon here. The local delicacy, Khao Soi. This shop was across the street from my stay. This dish suddenly reminds me of Burma as they have a similar one there. I like the comfortable fashion of the people here in the North. I stayed at the Old City Wall Inn. When you wake up, you see the bougainvillaea bloom in the balcony. You can eat at the pretty cafe downstairs. But what we really came back for: