3D nudes in Chengdu

There is an “Stunning Chengdu Human Photography” exhibition at a local museum. Apparently, this is the very first 3D nudes exhibition in the world. Chengdu is a city that takes the lead in breaking taboos. Ou told me that the models are not professionals but regular locals who volunteered to have their photos taken when the call for the exhibition went out. I asked her what encouraged the women to bare it all. Nonchalantly, she replied “A woman wants to remember her youthful body”. At a bookstore we found a copy of 华氏451, Fahrenheit 451. There is a a place by the riverside where we often find people selling banned or naughty books by the street side. Sometimes our friends from the university go there to look for books they can’t find at their libraries. This is one reason I love Chengdu. People here are more relaxed compared to other places.